Our role as a Third Party Inspector, both residential and commercial, is to ensure that the materials and installation procedures used are per the contract documents and/or industry standards, as well as noting the impacts that associated construction trade installation may have upon the integrity of the EIFS, stucco or adhered manufactured stone veneer system (MSV).

EIFS & Stucco Inspection and Forensic Services has absolutely no affiliation with any EIFS, stucco, stone or any other cladding manufacturer, installer, repair service, or any insurance company or law firm. We also have no affiliation with any air or water/weather barrier manufacturer or installer. We pride ourselves on our independence, integrity and professionalism.

A written and photographic report documents our findings and will attempt to identify the source (or potential source) of any moisture intrusion.

Our commercial inspections can be on a random or scheduled basis, as frequently as deemed appropriate for the project needs or on a per-diem basis. Our residential inspections are scheduled on an as-needed basis. Field site observations on microbial contamination relating to building envelope moisture intrusion are duly noted.

We have over 20 years of experience in EIFS, stucco and MSV with both in process (under construction) and existing structure inspections. We will inspect individual steps of the installation process or the entire exterior project.

Building codes and contract documents may require third party inspections for certain material installations. (The IBC requires that EIFS without weather barriers have third party inspections. BOCA, SBCCI, ICBO NASA and the Corps of Engineers, along with many municipalities also have third party requirements.)

We provide service to owners, potential buyers, developers, property managers, condominium associations, insurance companies, law firms, appraisers, realtors and relocation services.

We provide visual only, as well as in-depth inspections. All inspections will be accompanied by a photo-narrative report. We do not provide verbal-only reports.


Inspections typically include investigating installation flaws, damaged areas, missing or inadequate water diversion, missing or inadequate sealant installation, sealant failures and paths for potential water intrusion or actual water intrusion damage.

Pre-purchase and pre-sale inspections identify deficiencies noted during the inspection enabling the owner and/or buyer to have the proper information available when making decisions on a structure.


We thoroughly observe and report on all, or specific stages of the exterior wall envelope installation process to ensure the wall cladding is being constructed according to plans and specifications. Installation inspections help assure that the wall cavity and sheathing are protected from water infiltration and damage. The performance of the exterior building envelope is dependent upon the interaction of all its components. Each component must be designed and installed properly for all to work together.

Good building practices must be followed regardless of the final cladding surface to insure long-term performance. All exterior wall claddings (EIFS, stucco, masonry, brick, wood & vinyl siding, etc.) and penetrations (windows, doors, etc.) are subject to moisture intrusion. Properly installed substrates, prepared openings, air and weather barriers, windows, flashings, weeps and caulking/sealants cannot be stressed enough and are critical to the actual performance of the building envelope.

The historical documentation of an installation by an independent consultant can prove to be a valuable resource in the event of any future claims and/or disputes that may arise on a project.

For more information about types of inspections, see SERVICES.


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